Top Ten Moments that Define America

Ok, so I was searching the internet for this list a while ago, and became rather frustrated with the results. Primarily because not ONE of the lists I found included the Declaration of Independence, which is the document that literally defined this country as a separate entity from Great Britain. Others left out some that I thought were critical. Still others were longer lists, and had most of the events I was thinking about, but maybe not in the top ten. So here is my own list, for future internet-searchers:

1. Declaration of Independence
Comment:  literally defined the country

2. Louisiana Purchase
Defines USA as:  AMBITIOUS
Comment: first of many “land grabs”

3. 13th Amendment
Defines USA as: FLAWED
Comment: freed the slaves, belatedly

4. Civil War
Comment: convictions to die for

5. World War I
Defines USA as: GLOBAL
Comment: 1st joined international allies

6. Great Depression
Comment: stock market crash of ’29

7. Pearl Harbor
Comment: reckless, then brave

8. Hiroshima
Defines USA as: MIGHTY
Comment: D-Day, but in small package

9. Man on the Moon
Comment: flag on another frontier

10. September 11
Defines USA as: ENVIED
Comment: a.k.a., “hated”

At first I had World War II as one event on the list, but couldn’t decide on a 10th item and felt the beginning and end of the war for America are both significant enough to be included.

Obviously it’s very hard to narrow US history to 10 moments, and several of the definition terms are represented by many other events. But this is what I came up with. There is a reason I was seeking a top ten, but it is certainly not to minimize any of the other moments that have made America what it is today.

What are your thoughts….?


Fond Memories of 2016

I will repeat here the request I left on Facebook last night: 2016 was a lousy year for many of us, so I would like you to comment here with one or two GOOD, GREAT, and/or AWESOME things that happened in the past year. But let’s leave political opinions out of it, if possible. Go:


A Change to My Agenda

I just updated my What I’m Reading page to share how I am deciding what book to read next. God forbid I just pick something off a shelf and go with it whenever I feel like it. Randomness will be mankind’s downfall. I don’t really think that at all.

I began the rotation to ensure I was reading a variety of books, both of topics and authors that interest me and things that are completely new, that I would not otherwise have chosen myself. But now I have taken on the herculean mission of reading 44+ presidential biographies when I am not even getting through my rotation once in a year. Soon I will be reading one in between each of my other categories, so unless something changes substantially, I will be lucky to get through my rotation once in three years! I read slow, and I eat slow. Both are because I want to enjoy what is before me.

There is nothing wrong with proper mastication, nor perusal.

Thanks for perusing.