Fond Memories of 2016

I will repeat here the request I left on Facebook last night: 2016 was a lousy year for many of us, so I would like you to comment here with one or two GOOD, GREAT, and/or AWESOME things that happened in the past year. But let’s leave political opinions out of it, if possible. Go:


The Aging of My Things

This week began the demolition of another of my childhood landmarks, what I knew as Crestwood Plaza in the suburbs of St. Louis. When I heard a couple years ago that it was going to fall, I felt a need to be there for part of the event, to see its demise for myself. But now I am not so sure I want to do that. I feel like I have personally witnessed enough of my past being physically erased and should keep my attention instead on my future. But I can’t help seeing my life as an internet video that is playing faster than it is loading, the live action bar at the bottom of the screen methodically gaining on the one representing the unknown story yet to come. Continue reading