2nd Thursday [4]: It Came From Outer Space

paw left

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paw right

                  by Raisin

It started out as an ordinary walk. And by ordinary, I mean fantastically super-duperously amazing! I smelled rabbits, fried chicken, flowers, and the sprinkles and droppings of other dogs I’ve never met! Hopefully I will some time, and I’ll let them smell mine, too. Continue reading


2nd Thursday [3]: The Evolution of Doggery


Raisin on the trail a block from our house.

Punkin was a zig-zagger when we walked her. The grass was always greener on the other side of the sidewalk, from where she had just crossed and now wanted back again. It was just annoying enough to make me proclaim to Jennifer, “I will teach our next dog to ‘heel.'” Raisin had other ideas.

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