A Reason to Celebrate, to Mourn, and to Praise God


I just finished David McCullough’s John Adams, and I will admit I got a little choked up at the end, as I tend to do when reading the stories of very real people and reaching the inevitable conclusion that is the same for everyone. But this one was like no other.

John and Abigail Adams left the world an abundance of personal correspondence–enough for us to really get to know them–and McCullough wrapped it up nicely in a 700-page tome. The gift the Adamses left was a window into their very beings. Continue reading


1st Thursday [2]: David McCullough’s “The Great Bridge”

The building of the Brooklyn Bridge cost at least 20 lives, including that of its architect. By contrast, construction of the new One World Trade Center in Manhattan, currently the world’s fourth tallest building, saw zero fatalities.

This fact is tribute to the progress of civilization, and serves as preparation for a journey back in time…

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