Scribo, ergo sum.

So begins my life as a blogger.  Welcome to my newest tiny corner of the internet. My name is Jeff, but you can call me Rainman. Not to be confused with Rain Man (two words). My nickname I earned from playing the word game Scrabble, and the title of my blog has very much to do with the same. You can read more details about that name, in my offering, Whatiness? My nickname has something to do with how long it takes me to play a turn. My scrutiny of possible moves began to be referred to as a rain delay or brain delay, and when I opened up an umbrella over a game while contemplating, my new moniker was born.

My blog is currently in its infancy, but I have multiple places to which you can turn. At this time, my other pages are, A) The current, next, and previous books I am reading, B) A contact form, and C) A map to pin the location of my visitors. I may be removing that one soon because not many of you have told me!  I also have four main categories that I am currently writing into, on a rotating basis every Thursday (books, dogs, travel, and Scrabble).

As for me, I can tell you that I live in Columbia, Missouri, USA, and that I work in management at a retail store. My dream is to work in pajamas at an office within my home, as a writer. This blog is, perhaps, step one towards that goal.

I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, which makes me a baseball Cardinals fan, fortunately for me. I went to college at Mizzou, which also makes me a Tigers fan. My fortune in that respect waxes and wanes.

I am married to Jennifer, the love of my life, and we have no children of our own at this time, unless you count our dog. I met her first online (the wife, not the dog), through instant messaging on AOL.com. She soon became my best friend.

I will occasionally post random thoughts and contemplations aside from my scheduled writings on Thursdays. When a month has a fifth Thursday, the post topic that day will be a surprise!

Why should you stick around and explore my blog? Because I try to be positive, and include an uplifting message, and there is not enough positivity in the world. I have found inspiration in the blogs I have seen that are written by other people, be that for a book to read, a place to go, how to reach for and achieve personal goals, or just a little something to be happy about. I hope you will find some inspiration in mine.

These are the keystrokes from my heart…


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