Afraid to Look at My 2016 Resolutions…


I was scolded by a Facebook friend for sharing my resolutions last January, so I’ll just warn ya right now–if you don’t want to read this, for the love of Pete move along!

Let’s start this off with my only New Year’s resolution for 2017:

  • Don’t make any (other) resolutions.

I think I can handle that one! For many years, the only resolution I would make would be to not make any, so I couldn’t fail at any of them. 2017 was a good time to do that again, after the disaster that was 2016. A sad recap of my year:

Limit Facebook time to 45 minutes total per day. Time includes viewing of silly links, but not newsworthy or sought-after ones.
Did I really think I could come close to keeping track of the time for this one? Considering I spend a good half hour on Facebook every morning at breakfast, this was doomed to failure.

Track “good things” daily, then put the best ones in the jar at end of year.
Jen and I both bombed this one. There might be 12 things in the jar, nearly all from me, and nearly all from January.

Remodel QWERTYness or start a second blog.
A semi-success, as I did nothing to QWERTYness except stop updating my “What I’m Reading,” moving that to an entirely new book blog. Unfortunately I didn’t keep up with that as much as I intended. It’s hard! I also moved my annual history updates to an entirely new blog, which was a lot of work at first but now will be updated just once a year, with occasional exceptions.

Brush teeth at least twice a day, every day.
As successful as every other year I’ve said this. Which is to say, not successful.

Get to work early every day.
I am going to call this a success, though there were 2 or 3 days it didn’t happen. But that’s compared to 2 days a week in 2015 that I was “not early.”

Take lunch to work four days a week, every week.
Another semi-success, because I have to give myself something. I did take lunch more often than 2015.

Make dinner from separate ingredients at least once a week, every week.
A success for the first six weeks. So in other words, fail. That is also hard work!


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