A Fork in the Road

Well, there you have it. For twelve months I have posted on my blog once a week, with a few exceptions in the middle of the year. I have found it to be harder work than I expected, in more ways than one, and my best writing has rarely made an appearance because of it. But this was never meant to be Nobel Prize-worthy literature, only exercise.


So now I will really begin the process of reanalyzing my blog and fine tuning its focus, going in at least a slightly different direction. My weekly posts are coming to an end. I plan on scheduling a post once a month now, only, and posting at other times whenever the mood strikes me. The scheduled post may or may not be on the same day every month–that I have yet to decide.

My categories will change a little, as well. I am not likely to write at length about Scrabble again any time soon. It’s much more fun to just play. I enjoy my travel posts, but I have found that I am already running out of places I’ve been–although I haven’t held very well to my original intention: To post only about one site or one aspect of a trip, and not try to write about everything, like I did with my lengthy Oahu one two weeks ago (that no one has dared to read yet). The categories will stay, I think, but may not have frequent new posts anymore. I have considered changing each category to its very own blog, but I would either have to delete the entries here or pingback from the new blog to here, and that sounds kind of silly. Also, what would be left of QWERTYness?

I have already added my History blog, but after Valentine’s Day I will only be posting there once a year, so that hardly counts.

I have explored themes for my potential new blogs, but the theme for QWERTYness is likely to remain the same. I will look at changing up the sidebar a little bit, and my “Where Are You From” is going bye-bye.

I have grown too attached to my stats page, so I’ve been trying to care less about that lately. Just today someone liked 11 of my posts without reading any of them. I am so honored that just the idea of my words inspires feelings of happiness!


Sarcastic bunny.


That’s it for now. Change will be gradual, probably, but it’s coming. I have more important things to do, believe it or not. But I will be here as long as it continues to be fun!


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