5th Thursday [4]: Resolute


New Year’s Resolutions for 2015:

1. Unfollow Fox News on Facebook.

This was the easiest one on my list, and I accomplished it before the clock struck 12:01 01/01/15. I used to like the cable network, back when it truly was “Fair and Balanced.” It’s been a long time, though, since it has been either of those things. Now they only strive to balance out liberal media slant with their own, conservative slant. I ceased following them on Facebook because of the nasty, hateful comments people were leaving on even the most benign stories. Its followers are a bunch of Donald Trumps, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Click.

2. Good Things jar – consider it daily.

Jen and I have been keeping this for the past three years now, and we haven’t filled it up as much as I hoped we would. We both start the year strong, but think about it less and less as the year progresses. This year was no different. I was writing something for it nearly every day at first, but have again found myself catching up at the end of the year, going through my Facebook posts to see what I should have added. A few days ago I found out that she and I don’t even have the same expectation for it: She puts in only the “big” things that made her really happy, while I was putting in even the tiniest things, when they happened to be a “good thing” that happened on an otherwise bad or uneventful day. This year was particularly challenging for both of us, especially her, so it would have been a good year to drop the nice things more often. This one is a fail.

3. Write something—anything—on Thursdays.

I’m giving myself this one, with an asterisk. The bottom line is I made that resolution so that I would write more, and that has most certainly happened, thanks mostly to this blog. I also wrote a letter to someone, which I haven’t done in years. But my writings didn’t necessarily happen on Thursdays. See my “Thursday Posts” on QWERTYNness, which reveal a few Thursdays that I missed posting. Even on the Thursdays that I did publish a blog, I usually didn’t write it that day, preparing it instead the night before. I planned early in the year to write two Thursday posts, so that I would always publish the current week and write the following week on the same day. But that never happened. Still, I call it a ginormous success.

4. Read more.

Define “more.” I read a lot, and began my undertaking of presidential biographies, so it’s a win. I may have read more often, but I did not read more text. If you count all the other blogs I have visited, however, it would be very close to the most text I’ve read in a recent year.

5. Facebook less.

Because this is not a concrete goal, it is a success. I reduced my Facebook time significantly at the beginning of the year, only to replace it with WordPress time. Now it has swung back the other direction again. But compared to last year, I did in fact spend less time on Facebook.

6. Eat better.

Again, due to the vagueness of the resolution, it is a success. But there is still a ton of room for improvement. I keep thinking about cooking dinner on a regular basis in 2016, but that will be a huge challenge when I don’t expect to have much more time to do it than I have given myself this year. There are a lot of other things I could do, though, to eat better still.

7. Brush teeth more often.

Unless I count starting to brush regularly a couple of days sooner before dentist appointments than I have in years past, then this one is a fail. I am bad, despite my own dental history and my father’s encouragement and example. Again, this is a vague resolution, so I could still say it’s a success, but I’m going to be fair on this one since I stretched a couple of the other ones.

8. Get to work on time – up 1.5 hours before.

Success! Not really. I’m sure I did it at least one day, but my intention was to do it every day, and that did not happen. When I say “on time,” I don’t mean to imply that I have been fractions of hours late to work in the past. I have only been 2-3 minutes late at times, but my team makes an effort to be there 7-8 minutes early in the mornings, so that was actually my goal. Not to be ten minutes behind my colleagues.

9. Take lunch to work 4 days a week.

This one ties in to #6, and I succeeded only for four to five weeks. All the gift cards to restaurants that I got for Christmas won’t help me this year, but I’ve got to do better, to save money and my health.


This is why I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions much in the past. For a decade, my only resolutions were: 1) Live to see the next year, and 2) Don’t make any other resolutions. I had a 100% success rate with those!

However, without further ado, but with plenty of adieu to 2015, here are my resolutions for 2016, far too similar to 2015’s. This time, they’re more specific, and they’re public!

  1. Limit Facebook time to 45 minutes total per day. Time includes viewing of silly links, but not newsworthy or sought-after ones.
  2. Track “good things” daily, then put the best ones in the jar at end of year.
  3. Remodel QWERTYness or start a second blog.
  4. Brush teeth at least twice a day, every day.
  5. Get to work early every day.
  6. Take lunch to work four days a week, every week.
  7. Make dinner from separate ingredients at least once a week, every week.

Good luck to me!

Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing.


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