4th Thursday [11]: All I Want for Christmas…

…is the right letters for a great word, and a place to play it!


Ok, that’s not really true. I’d settle for a real person to play once in a while, although online games can be fun, too.

But there have been times when I wished really, really hard for something to happen in a game. Sometimes what you want comes true, but most often it does not. Take, for example, two games I played in college:



  1. One that made me think I might actually have supernatural powers when it comes to Scrabble (that’s not my desired super power, by the way), was a four-player affair, and I found myself mid-game with six of the seven letters I needed to spell CASTLES, and there was a perfect triple-word-score to play it on. I had both of the S tiles I needed, but I think I had an N instead of an T, or something like that. Whatever it was, I likely had a seven-letter play anyway and just didn’t realize it. But, knowing the number of Ts still available, I took my chances on my turn and traded ONE tile to get that T, and it actually happened! Not only that, the place to play it was still there on my next turn, and I scored big.
  2. The other one was a two-player game, and my very first draw gave me MONKEYS. But the other player had the first word, and somehow she played something I could not attach my word onto. So I passed. Then I passed again. I think I gave up after two tries and played something less appealing and for many fewer points.


I can’t remember if I won or lost either of those games. It’s quite possible that I lost the first and won the second. So you just never really know how a game will turn out, until it is very close to the end.

I would not recommend pressing your luck, as I did in both of these examples. Expand your vocabulary as much as possible, and make your best play every time, unless, as I’ve said before, passing would give you only slightly fewer points than your best possible play.

That tip is my Christmas present to you casual Scrabble players. I cannot give you better luck.

  MONKEYS –  68 point minimum, potential. 0 points, actual.



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