2nd Thursday [11]: An Adventure at the Park

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A Dog Blog

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                  by Raisin

I was so excited about going to the dog park I could hardly contain myself. Every time Jeff or Jen even goes NEAR my leash, I think they are getting ready to take me somewhere amazing. If they ask me what I want, I am almost too happy to answer! When they actually pick up the leash, I am at the door within seconds. When we were finally in the car, I watched Jeff put the key in the ignition, and cocked my head to one side waiting for the engine to start. Before long we were out of the driveway and on the road, zooming toward the park.

100_4171But this time it seemed like a million miles to get there (normally it seems like only half a million), and there were too many stop lights to count (there used to be only one, but there was a long wait when it was red). By the time we finally got to the park, I couldn’t take it anymore, and jumped right through the window of the door, leaped over the gate into the park, and started having fun! I ran straight to the group of dogs on the other 100_4181side of the lake, picked up the tennis ball they were all fighting over, and I ran with it as far as I could run.

When I had been to the park before, I couldn’t run very far before finding a fence, but I could run around in circles if I wanted to. This time was different! I ran in a straight line for a long time, never seeing a fence, with several dogs running after me. Somehow, each time I stopped running, Jeff would be there to throw the ball, back the other direction, and I would run after it, grab it, and continue on again with the other dogs in pursuit. They could never catch me!

On this day I went in the lake like I usually do to cool off and sink my feet in the mud. But this time another dog came out of the middle of the water and tried to get me! I ran ashore and this dog followed, where we had a duel. Other dogs barked and barked around us.100_4195

I won, finally taking my tennis ball and running away again.

Then, strange things began to appear in the sky! Things with propellers, smaller things with smoke trails behind them, and more of the monsters that I saw once before — only this time there were dozens of them!

I barked like crazy to scare them away, and I kept running. I was running and barking, with the crowd of other dogs trailing behind me.

“Raisin! Raisin!”

Jen was calling my name.

I opened my eyes.

“Were you dreaming?”

I didn’t know what that meant, but if my adventure moments earlier was dreaming, then it was a lot of fun and I wanted to do it again!

But I was just so tired…



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