A Change to My Agenda

I just updated my What I’m Reading page to share how I am deciding what book to read next. God forbid I just pick something off a shelf and go with it whenever I feel like it. Randomness will be mankind’s downfall. I don’t really think that at all.

I began the rotation to ensure I was reading a variety of books, both of topics and authors that interest me and things that are completely new, that I would not otherwise have chosen myself. But now I have taken on the herculean mission of reading 44+ presidential biographies when I am not even getting through my rotation once in a year. Soon I will be reading one in between each of my other categories, so unless something changes substantially, I will be lucky to get through my rotation once in three years! I read slow, and I eat slow. Both are because I want to enjoy what is before me.

There is nothing wrong with proper mastication, nor perusal.

Thanks for perusing.


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