25 Innings


#11 of 11 questions in 11 days, in response to Writingspiration:

What would be your dream job?

The first thing that comes to mind is baseball. Not playing it, mind you, but something that has to do with it. Even though I have barely written about it on QWERTYness, I am in love with the sport. As soon as the World Series is over, I am counting down the days until spring training. Now that’s done for me for me, thanks to social media. I could do baseball year-round, except that at some point, there has to be a champion or why bother playing at all.

I said my dream job would not be playing baseball, because I’ve never been much of an athlete, and even though I am dedicated to the sport and know how to play, I’m quite sure that would be a nightmare; a bad dream for everyone else.

Jen has asked me about and encouraged me to pursue baseball reporting.hand_writing_pencil I’ve have sort of tinkered in that on a fantasy-sport level, but I’m not sure how I feel about doing it in reality. I know the rules, of course, but I do not claim to be an expert on strategy. I can’t identify the different types of pitches as they happen, I don’t follow teams other than my favorites or minor leagues in detail, and I have little grasp of trade and draft predictions. I have friends who put me to shame in those categories — they  participate in a fantasy baseball league like other people participate in breathing and eating. It is why they live. One of them even told me, years ago, that the Kansas City Royals had the best groundskeeper in baseball, and I trusted the source. Of course, that was back when that was the best claim that Royals fans could make.

I would be okay with a behind-the-scenes job in baseball, someplace in operations. A job either with a team or with a ballpark would be fine. The business of baseball happens all year long, and that’s exactly when I need baseball_batit. Jen will tell you I am also mesmerized by baseball statistics, but would never suggest I get a job in that particular specialty, as she cannot stand to hear them. I am fascinated (question #3) with the strangeness of them. After 130 years of professional baseball in America, you would think that everything that could have happened has happened, but every once in a while there is something new–See Fernando Tatis becoming the first player ever to hit two grand slams in a single inning in 1999, off Chan Ho Park, the first pitcher ever to give up two grand slams in a single inning. Not to mention the fact that famous home run hitter Mark McGwire struck out with the bases loaded before Tatis batted the second time.

Every once in a while, something happens that hasn’t happened for more than a hundred years. So keep holding on, Cubs fans, your day is coming.

It is hope in baseball, and heroism, that make me love it. It is that anyone can play it, really, and almost anywhere. It brings people together. While some say the sport is boring and games are too long, I look at every pitch as a potential game or season changer. I’ve told Jen more than once when we have been to see the Cardinals that if the game goes 25 innings, I’m staying for the whole damn thing!


My respect for the American presidency, US history in general, and my yearning for understanding of the Jewish holocaust have led me to think about a career at a museum–maybe the USHMM.  But I’ll make that my second choice. Politics are nasty and holocaust study can be truly heartbreaking, but baseball is pure joy. Even when my team loses, there is always next year, and I fully appreciate the hard work and fortune of the other team as it celebrates.

My dream job is in baseball. Know anyone that’s hiring?

2 thoughts on “25 Innings

  1. I enjoyed this post! Like you, with the last pitch of the world series I hold my breath until first day of spring training when pitchers and catchers report and the sports page one again comes to life for me. Also a fan of spring and summer (and not so much of fall and winter) each year baseball marks the beginning of a new year, warm weather (I’m in Northern CA), and new hope. The rich history of baseball and the plethora of statistics is quite fascinating. Part of the beauty of those states to me is that there will always be another “record” to be broken even after 130 years. Has there ever been a 25 inning game?

    As far as a job in baseball, and not in any way to minimize whatever skills and talents you may have, why not work as a vendor. Sell something that’s not too heavy or bulky to tote around (definitely not the souvenirs) and that not too many people want to buy (more time to watch the game). You’ll have a “front” row experience of the game for 81 games (plus playoffs) each year. Do it for a year and the write a book about the experience. If you do please remember my idea and send me a free copy of what I’m sure would be a great book. 🙂

    Play ball!

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    • One 25 inning game in MLB history, in 1984. Just recently the Braves and Astros played an 18-framer in the playoffs! Your idea is an awesome one, but another problem with obtaining my dream job is that I can’t just pick up and move for a while, and I am in the middle of nowhere. I’ll keep thinking about it, though!

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