Pretty Things


#10 of 11 questions in 11 days, in response to Writingspiration:

What is your favorite type of weather?

This is another problematic question (no, it isn’t, you say), because to have a favorite type of weather doesn’t mean, hopefully, that you want that kind of weather all the time. As we have seen, too much “sunny” dries things up,

leading to bad crops, low water levels, and fires. Too much “rainy” means floods… and depression. How much snow is “too much snow” depends on who you ask, but I think we can all agree we don’t want to be trapped in our homes for weeks on end, which is possible. After those, what other kind of weather is there really to choose from? Tornadic? Hurricanic? Lightly drizzling? You could just say hot, cold, or average temperature, which would not exclude sun or rain.

While I suspect most people would rush to a choice of beach-going weather, my choice is snow. I appreciate the sight of a falling snow, and its gentleness, in most cases, even when it falls fast or heavy. I won’t say I want very much snow at a time, as I have to drive in it to work a lot, and I shovelling_colordon’t have a 4WD truck. If it gets too deep, it may be days before the city plows my street. After a 2011 blizzard, my neighbors and I plowed, snowblowed, and shoveled our own street. I don’t care to have to do that again! But I will take a snow that just covers the road, with about a couple of inches. I am good at driving in snow and ice, so it doesn’t really bother me, usually. I did once slide into a concrete median under a bridge, but it was at very low speed after starting from a traffic light, in a car that was already totaled (by hail), while failing to come out of a very sharp turn. The car and I were both OK.

I like the look of a fresh fallen and unblemished snow. I even like shoveling snow, to a degree, but I would still pay some neighborhood kids to do it once in a while, especially when I am sick. But the kids don’t do that here, and that makes me sad. I sure put a lot of money in the bank when I was younger by mowing, raking, and shoveling the neighborhood. I like the task of bundling up when it’s extra cold out–two pairs of socks, two pairs of  gloves, two of nearly everything else–when there is a mission behind it that must be accomplished, and especially when a fireplace fire (and hot chocolate or cold beer) is waiting when the job is done.


I won’t say that winter is my favorite season, though, but it is the time of year when my allergies are most in check. My spindly fingers get cold very quickly and I hate that (see “two pairs of gloves,” above). But I don’t mind it when there are not prolonged periods of near-zero(F) temperatures, or rainy weather.  There is no season that I simply detest, like some people do.

Summer has to be my favorite season–surprise, surprise. Although, again, my allergies are the worst in the summer, and can’t take the sun or heat as well as I would like. Jen and I have talked about living in Hawaii, but she can tolerate the sun and heat even less than I can, and considering also that neither one of us is a huge fan of water activities, it would make Hawaii life kind of ridiculous for the price. We would both choose the Aloha State over Alaska-living, though. That’s too much cold and snow for me, no matter how many hot chocolates or beers you give me.

Plus, I enjoy the pretty things of all seasons — flowers in spring, fall leaves in autumn, a blanket of snow in winter, and a plethora of other things in the summertime.

But I’d take one day of snow in the middle of summer, if that were possible. It would be gone fast!




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