Where No Man Has Lived Before


#6 of 11 questions in 11 days, in response to Writingspiration:

If you could live in a fictional world, which one would it be and why?

Wow, I feel my nerdiness is insufficient to answer this question! I had to Google “fictional worlds,” and of course there is a list of them on Wikipedia. The list, however, is notably missing the worlds of major movie franchises Star Wars and Star Trek. Mind you, some of those worlds exploded (Alderan, Vulcan in the Abrams’ timeline), so I wouldn’t pick those.

I have narrowed my choices down to two, for the time being. I will decide which one by the end of this post. In both, life spans tend to be a lot longer:

Ba’ku, a planet seen in Star Trek: Insurrection

Here, we discover a people that are much, much older than they appear. This is due to radiation coming from the planets rings, which rejuvenate tired and ailing bodies, prolonging life indefinitely. But the Ba’ku also live a much simpler life. While they are a technologically capable civilization, they choose to live anbirth_of_planet American frontier type of life, which I have found to be a pleasant thought recently, even though (or maybe because) I am on a computer all the time. The worst thing about a life without modernity as we know it is the limitations of medical practices. But on a planet like Ba’ku, the air itself is perhaps the only medicine you need. I would miss certain entertainments, and there always seem to be inevitable problems in utopian settings, but this place, if my wife and family were with me, would certainly be a possibility.

Toontown, where cartoons gather, as seen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

There aren’t a lot of humans to be found in this place, but I say, who needs ’em? Toontown would be great for laughs, especially for cartoon_planetsomeone like me who never gets tired of even the corniest of jokes. OK, almost never. Here is a place with endless possibilities, where you can pass safely through pictures on a wall (unless you’re a coyote), cars can smile and talk, and the bad guys never win. It, too, has a life-prolonging quality: Where else can you walk off a cliff, have an anvil dropped on your head, or be shot in the face at close range, and survive like nothing happened? Even when your hair is blown off, it’s back within seconds. Those are the rules.


Two places where I could live a long, blissful life, but two very different places. Do I want humor more than I want tranquility? As much as people aggravate me sometimes, I would miss them. I think I have to give up Toontown for Ba’ku.

Then again, who wants to live forever anyway? Maybe I’ll pick Vulcan and take my chances…




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