A Liebster Challenge: 11 Questions in 11 Days


Ok, so I have done the Liebster thing before, but this time with a nod from electrobeth, who keeps an excellent writing-prompt blog, I’ve decided to use her questions in a different way: Each will be a blog post of my own, on consecutive days, giving me 11 days of writingspiration.

Question 1: What made you start your blog?

I have written on this subject several times, here, here, and here, to name a few. But to really get to the bottom of it, I have to go back to a much earlier inspiration: One of my high school English teachers.

Mr. Hutcheson had us keep a journal in class, and would often give us specific writing prompts. But I enjoyed it so much, I started keeping a daily journal at home. As it evolved, it was no longer daily, and it became less private. There were times when I wanted my friends to read it, so they could understand me better, and because I simply wanted to share my writing. It made me feel good.

In grade school I found myself in a special group, called “Wings,” focused on kids who had obvious talents, to help develop those talents. My creative writing soared for several years, before hitting numerous walls in college. One of the hardest to deal with was a creative writing class that seemed to me to be anything but creative.

After college, I wrote a mini story prompted by a first sentence, given to me in my mailbox by an institution seeking to develop children’s authors. They loved my story and encouraged me to sign up, but I hesitated, and to this day I remember that it was a business, seeking my money, and they undoubtedly loved many, many other stories that may or may not have paled in comparison to mine.

Through it all, I had my share of rejection as a writer, trying everything from poetry to journalism, but I understood that a lot of rejection was to be expected. That I didn’t pursue anything despite it made me think that maybe my heart wasn’t as into writing as I thought it was.

Yet it has always been a part of me.

I am good at it, even if I now feel that my words pale by comparison to those of many, many other people.  That is ultimately what “made me” start to blog. I’ll never swim across the ocean if all I do is dip my feet in the water. I have to jump in and get going.

Consider me splashing.



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