2nd Thursday [10]: Mystery Light Prompts Outcry from Resident

In response to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt, Ripped from the Headlines:


(QWERTness)–Anger and simultaneous euphoria occurred last night when Raisin spotted a strange light hovering above, on the ceiling.

The light instantaneously appeared, then disappeared, turning initial barks into puzzled expressions and tail wags of anticipation. The mystery light was then seen on the floor, and began to move forward, away from the observer. When Raisin chased after it, the light suddenly reversed course, traveling under her body in the opposite direction, leading her to follow it anew. This happened several times, and twice traveled halfway up a wall, further exciting the canine.

U.S. Military Sources could not confirm or deny the source of the light, as it happened within a private residence, but homeowner yours truly claimed, “It was a flashlight. It’s always a flashlight.”

flashlight_brightOther residents in the dwelling had different reactions to the light. Fellow Canine Montee could not care less, but became agitated by Raisin’s barking and joined in, not knowing the cause. Human Jennifer was amused by the scene.

The light show only lasted for a few minutes, swirling, zigzagging, and racing up and down the floor, before stopping altogether for the night. Raisin identified the source of the light, and demanded its reactivation by incessant staring and dog-smiling. When asked about the next display of the mystery light, I could not be reached for comment.


QWERTYness writer Jeff contributed to this report, inspired by CNN’s, “Mystery light freaks out Southern California residents.”

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