5th Thursday [3]: Re-evaluation





I thought I had missed last week’s Thursday entry, and I had felt it lingering over my head like the blackest of storm clouds. But it turns out I have missed two weeks in row! No one ever said blogging on a schedule was easy.

The good news is that I have just finished my first of 42-plus presidential biographies, an 800-page mammoth on George Washington. The bad news (didn’t I say the bad news already?) is that it has taken time away from my writing, not to mention my wife.

Reading the POTUS has caused me to re-evaluate my reading schedule, as I really don’t want it to take me 20 years to catch up to Obama, but I have other, non-presidential books on my agenda as well. Originally, the whole point of reading a lot was so I would become a better writer. Now it appears that the scales have tipped entirely in reading’s favor.

Where, then, does that leave QWERTYness? I went off my Thursday routine while I was in Arkansas this summer, and now I’ve slipped again, due mostly to working too much and to reading all the time. I guess I have become a little disenchanted with it, but I have to remember that the reason I started it was for it to help me write. I see lately that my blog has few visitors, but that may be partly due to my lack of punctuality. I also don’t know if my blog shows up reasonably well in search engines–I have never found it. If I am tempted to take it to mean anything else, I must also remind myself that I started it not for others, but for myself.

One of the most challenging things for me here is that I also feel compelled to put photos or graphics in each entry, to keep them visually interesting, as well as attach an appealing featured image for the Reader. Images take time, and that is time taken away from writing. I used to be creative–I guess I am still–and love putting together an artistic piece, be it a sketch, a crafty decoration, a custom frame, or a blog entry. But I didn’t start this to be a visual artist, I started it to be a writer. A writer, however, needs to research, which I also find to be a daunting task. Image-finding or making can be seen as a kind of research. I should force myself to make the time to do it.

These quasi-epiphanies I owe mostly to Jennifer, from a conversation we had last night. What little time we do spend together tends to be very worthwhile.

But still I must re-evaluate the format and maintenance of my blog. I have found new subject-matter surprisingly hard to come by in some cases and hard to keep up with in others. My blogs about books have tended to be book reports rather than literary critiques–I never really considered how I wanted to write about the books I read–and I have often found myself trying to write about one book while reading another. If I read faster, I could just blog my latest read.

So I will be evaluating. The busy season is upon me at work, so it will become even more challenging to check in on Thursdays. Now I have to decide if I will accept the challenge, and what will appear here if I do so. Check back next week to find out!

Maybe there will be more images.


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