Where Have I Been?

That was really challenging.

I was out of town on a work assignment for ten weeks, and managed to somehow keep up with my blog for the first few weeks. But after spending too many extra minutes on the job, eating, sleeping, Skyping with my wife, and taking a few minutes to myself, there wasn’t much time left for creative writing. Nor was there much time for reading, so my book blogging wasn’t going to happen unless I referred back to books I’ve previously read, and there definitely was no time for that.

I will try to start again, although I considered a mid-year restructuring of this thing. A fine-tuning. I didn’t think it would be so hard to come up with new material about my dogs, and at some point very soon I will run out of places I’ve been (at least cities).  I can always write about Scrabble, but it is my book-reading habit I want to support the most. But where is the time?

It’s been a difficult and busy couple of weeks since I’ve been home. But I am going to try to set aside some routine reading time very soon. And get back on my blog on a weekly basis. One way or another, and in one form or another.

This is “Week 3: US Travel.” I just got back from Arkansas, so maybe I will write about that tomorrow.


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