2nd Thursday [5]: The Pup Cup

One day, Raisin walked me to Sonic for some ice cream.

This is a true story.

One of the first walks Raisin and I took together when she was a youngster was to our neighborhood Sonic drive-in, a mere four blocks from our house. My intention was to have lunch for myself, and then get a free “pup cup” of ice cream from the restaurant. I did not intend to make it a habit. I think Raisin liked the ice cream. After the second time we walked there and did the same (I probably paid for the ice cream that time so as not to abuse the service), she decided she wanted to go there every time we walked.

Raisin Sonic

Raisin ready to place her order.

Ok, maybe not every time, but more often than not she would head that direction from the end of our driveway if I hadn’t already steered her a different direction. If I meant to go that way, but only around our block, she would pull toward Sonic at the end of our street.

To make sure I wasn’t imagining things, I let her walk me one day. I went where she went, with the retractable leash fully extended most of the time. I know, that’s a bad thing for me, as a dog owner, to do. Add it to my list.

Sure enough, she walked all the way there, up to the final street I would turn on just behind the restaurant. But I’m pretty sure if I continued to let her drive, that she would have simply rounded the corner ahead and taken us to the front of the building instead. I can only imagine the wind was blowing away from us at the time, or her nose would have taken us the shorter way. But I rewarded her by turning her onto the shorter route, and again bought her an ice cream.

Now we go once in a while, though it still has not become a habit. I know she wants to go in the winter, too, but am I going to sit outside with my lunch in the bitter cold? No, thank you.

It’s also a convenient stop because she now prefers to do her business in other people’s yards instead of her own, so if I have to carry a baggie of poo-poo, at least I can get rid of it in one of Sonic’s trash cans. Or the neighboring bank’s dumpster. But now I have to be careful if I leave the house with no money, and not let her get excited about something that cannot possibly happen.

Punkin ice cream

Punkin finishing up from a cup.

Punkin got ice cream once in a while, but she knew it was a rare treat. I think we usually got Punkin an ice cream cone, but I don’t usually do that for Raisin. I wondered the first time she had ice cream in a plastic container if she might try to eat the container itself. No need to worry.

I don’t like that soft-serve stuff. I have to have a shake, preferably chocolate, and preferably with some mix-ins. My Sonic doesn’t like to mix their mix-ins very well, so I rarely get their shakes anymore. I will hit up Culver’s, Baskin-Robins, or Cold Stone if I’m really needing some ice cream and there’s none in my freezer.

Fortunately, Raisin is not as picky. I’m not buying her a $6 “Gotta Have It!”



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