2nd Thursday [4]: It Came From Outer Space

paw left

A Dog Blog

paw right

                  by Raisin

It started out as an ordinary walk. And by ordinary, I mean fantastically super-duperously amazing! I smelled rabbits, fried chicken, flowers, and the sprinkles and droppings of other dogs I’ve never met! Hopefully I will some time, and I’ll let them smell mine, too. I love getting out of the house, even if the leash isn’t long enough to let me run like I want to. Sometimes I feel like I’m pulling a truck up a hill, and then sometimes it will stop, and that’s when I have to sit and be patient until the truck (my owner, Jeff) catches up to me and lets me go again.

But this walk took a turn for the worse pretty quickly. I was walking along, minding my own and other dogs’ and people’s business, when suddenly a giant alien came up from behind some trees across the street! I couldn’t believe it! I had never seen anything like it! It was too far away for me to smell, too, so I couldn’t tell if it was friendly or aggressive. That meant I had to assume it was coming to get me. And it turns out, it WAS!

I barked and barked at it, and my hair went up on my back so that I would look more ferocious than I normally do. But it didn’t seem fazed one bit! It hissed every once in a while, and breathed fire! I think Jeff was hiding behind a bush or something, because I didn’t notice him at all while this monster was hovering overhead.

I wanted to jump up and claw it, bring it down and bite it, because it was kind of shaped like a tennis ball that I play with. But this was no tennis ball! It was HUGE! It wasn’t as fast a tennis ball, either. I could have gotten it if only I could reach that high or it would come down a little closer. But honestly, I was pretty scared. I just didn’t want it to know that I was scared.

Jeff came back and said something to me, and made me stop, and soon it was past us and moving away. I’m pretty sure I scared it away. If I hadn’t barked so angrily, I’m sure it would have eaten us both.

Boy, if I ever see it again, though, I’ll be ready! It’s not going to scare me at all next time!20150331_183735[1]












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