For Earth Day

NASA asked me to post a picture or video of my favorite place today. I just posted on Facebook my favorite picture of a place, the Golden Gate Bridge from 30,000 feet while on our way to Hawaii in 2012. But that’s not my favorite place. I have loved most of the places we have been, but is one of those my favorite?

As much as I wish I could say that my home state is my favorite place, I just can’t. I love living here, but life itself is more challenging than you want it to be, sometimes, which means a favorite place really has to be a getaway for most people. It does for me.

My favorite escape is Hawaii, even if we have only escaped to the most touristy island, Oahu. It’s hard to get much further away from life at home and still be in the United States.

Jennifer has taken two pictures of me standing out on the lanai of our hotel room, just looking at the ocean, feeling the breeze, and relaxing. But this picture sums up our visits for me, and celebrates Earth in general. This photo was taken at what may be the only time I have truly felt heartbroken at the end of a vacation, the sunset on our last full day on the island.

Waikiki is full of concrete, signs, automobiles, asphalt, and humanity, but nature still finds a way to show its beauty.



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