Spring Blog Update

I just updated my “about” page, but if you are following my blog then you probably already know the information I just changed or added. It is hard to believe that Blogging 101 has been over for almost two months already!

I continue to be inspired by the other awesome blogs I am following and coming upon by chance or by search. I am absolutely in love with New York, thanks to all the beautiful photos people are sharing. Please stop doing it, because I can’t afford to move there and I really wish I could! I am also jealous that other people are reading several books a week, while I am reading for several weeks, a book. Granted circumstances may not be the same, and many I am seeing on other blogs are young adult novels (nothing wrong with that!) while I seem to be determined to take on some real mammoths. Plus, I only started enjoying reading a couple of years ago. I have taken up the hobby just as my eyesight is getting worse!

I still can’t work up an interest in reading or writing posts about baseball, my favorite sport! I have fallen away from an interest in watching sports lately, partly because I am reading so much, but partly because I am tired of the money we give to these athletes, not enough of whom give substantial amounts of their wealth or time to charitable causes. I am also discouraged and bored that the same teams tend to keep being the best–even though my Cardinals are one of them!–at the expense of the same teams tending to be the worst. Just once I would like to see the Padres win it all (notice I said, “just once”). Or maybe even the Blues or Tigers!

That is all for this post. I was going to do it as a “status” format, but then it got too long for that. When I am inspired to write, it often runs longer than I intended. A corporate visitor was at my workplace last week, and he was looking over an incident report I had done some time last year, and almost immediately after he started reading it he asked, “Did you used to work in LP?” I said, “No,” thought about how to answer for a moment, and finally added, “I’m a writer.”


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