A Belated Introduction


Hi, my name is Jeff.

I have not shared my real name until now, and I’m not entirely sure why. I don’t plan on posting anything particularly sensitive here, and I have no paranoia of my personal life being stolen. Who would want it?

I will still answer to Rainman, and probably refer to myself that way or “sign” a post every now and then with that name. But it’s time to introduce myself a little more, isn’t it?


Is this a good picture of me? Probably not. It’s all you get, though, right now.

I’ve already grown tired of not posting pictures of myself. My face is not top secret, and if it were, I would never leave my house! I’ve also become annoyed with referring to my wife as “my wife.” She has a name too–it’s Jennifer (she gave me permission to tell you). Note: I will likely call her Jen, but Jennifer is preferred by people she doesn’t know, and calling her “Jenny” will turn you into a mound of dirt in our back yard. But she is very sweet. 🙂

You know, there are not enough famous Jeffs in the world. Of course, there is one of Jen’s celebrity crushes, Jeff Goldblum, but he is looking too old for her, lately. I might be a redneck if I mention Jeff Foxworthy, so I won’t.  A cool one is NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, who, incidentally, I beat in the race out of the muttandjeffwomb by six days. There are actors Jeff Bridges and Jeff Daniels, but I’m not really a fan of either, so that makes them kind of dumb, and dumber even.  There is Jazzy Jeff, but the Fresh Prince has been so much more successful that it’s almost embarrassing to mention. There are funny men Jeffrey Tambor and Jeffrey Jones, but I don’t go by Jeffrey, so can I really count them? One of my most hated athletes is Jeffrey Leonard, who won the NLCS MVP for the San Francisco Giants when the Cardinals last defeated them in that series, 1987. It’s hard to find other famous athletes named Jeff. I just don’t think we were meant to be athletes.

My Central Missouri town also has a name. It’s Columbia. It doesn’t get much more central in Missouri, geographically, than Columbia. I went to college here years ago, at Mizzou, and moved back here later when my brother and his family were here. They have since returned to St. Louis, but I stayed here, where I met Jen, and we continue our lives together…

So there you have it, more information about me, but still less than you can find from a phone book (if you even know what that is) or an internet search.  Now, tell me a little about yourself! 😀


2 thoughts on “A Belated Introduction

  1. It is nice to meet you Jeff (and Jennifer, too). I wrestled with the name thing for a while, especially using my last name. I’m not sure where to draw the line. As for location – some blogs I visit have a widget that pinpoints where I live. So, no big secret, I guess. I still say Northern Virginia. Paranoid? A little. I’ve had private financial information stolen (not sure how it was done). Thankfully, my credit card company noticed the unusual charges and contacted me right away.

    Since my blog title uses my first name, I obviously decided not to be completely anonymous. And, I know that my last name shows up in at least one or two posts. I get a little freaked out when I Google my name and see the images that come up. I haven’t asked my husband if I can use his name so he is still “my husband” (he doesn’t read my blog, so he wouldn’t know the difference). I don’t usually use my friend’s names, except for one of them likes photo credit if I use a picture she took.

    Fun post about famous Jeff’s 🙂

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