True/False 2015, Day 1: All about the music.


The violin and quijada of Suz Slezak and David Wax Museum

This year’s True/False documentary film fest started for me Thursday. It’s four-day, weekend-long schedule kicked off with the box office officially opening for sales to those without passes already, and ended with a few musical performances at various venues. While there were several films showing, starting in late afternoon, all were NRT (no reserve tickets left) by the time I could purchase with my Simple pass, and its hard for my wife and I to do the Thursday films anyway, because she usually works Fridays (I usually request it off for T/F, or I would, too). So for me, Thursday is just about kicking things off with some music.


Art inside the box office, reminding me of the weekend ahead, to be spent waiting in lines, watching hour-long films, and watching the clock to make sure we have time to do everything we want and to get to our films on time, which means 15 minutes early!

In the morning at the box office, I did swap out a film that I paid for with my pass purchase, for Saturday night, because that is my wife’s birthday and we will be having dinner out someplace else. Another I left in place at what will likely be dinner time, in case we change our minds on when or where to go eat. The Simple pass pays for 10 movies each, but if we skip one to go to dinner, we can still see another film free via the “Q” — A system allowing sold-out shows to be filled with people who didn’t previously have tickets, due to others not showing up, underselling seats, or whatever. Our first T/F film ever, in 2010, we saw this way.

She worked all day, and I came home and wrote for my blog most of the day, but went out again later to one of the music sites for some late-night tunes. I was hoping she would meet me there, as she was working late, but she went straight home after work, exhausted. I took some pictures and short videos for her, because one of our favorite bands was playing last, David Wax Museum. We first saw them at the Thursday music showcase in 2010, as well, and they were playing again before our first and only film that year.

20150305_234614_LLSThe location was Rose Music Hall, previously known as Mojo’s, and  I couldn’t help thinking a couple of times about “the artist previously known as Prince.” The new name will take some getting used to, and they will have to include their previous name on their posters until everybody associates with the new one.

20150305_220421The first band up was Jowlz, five dudes with three guitars and an old-school sound. The lead singer had a Dylanesque voice, and the sound hinted at the 80s. They were really good, until the last couple of songs when they cranked up the sound too loud and I couldn’t make out words anymore or distinguish between instruments, either.

20150305_223531Playing second was Bruiser Queen, with special guest Beth Bombara. They come from St. Louis, like me, so I gave them special attention. BQ had some good songs, I think, but I could only make out some of the words. Again the music was too loud to appreciate fully. Does that mean I am getting old, or just that I like to actually hear the music? The question also means I have a hard time going to this venue for anything anymore, because it so very small and there is always a din of talking while music is playing. Sometimes right in front of the stage. SHUT UP!!!!  Thankfully, the talkers stayed in the back half Thursday night.

Finally it was time for David Wax and Suz Slezak, who are the heart of David Wax Museum, but they usually play with others, and often meet up with cousin Jordan while in town, as the Waxes are from Columbia. But last night it was just the two of them, and they never looked better!20150306_003928 I believe their chemistry shines even more since bringing little Calliope into the world. They played late, to a smaller than usual crowd, and played a lot of their more soothing stuff (including one from Suz’s new lullaby album). But I was thrilled to be able to HEAR their voices and instruments after the last two bands became just solid masses of noise. The contrast made them better still. Here is the end of their song, Colas:

I picked up a copy of Suz’s Watching the Nighttime Come since I hadn’t done so already. We don’t yet have children to play lullabies to, but I must continue my support to these two talented and beautiful souls, and I am completely confident I will enjoy the music for myself.

On day 2, the films begin for us!


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