4th Thursday [1]: So You Want a Definition? PFFT!


I have written previously that I consider definitions irrelevant in Scrabble, as long as you are confident in a word’s legitimacy. Not everyone agrees. Some players may persist, asking, “What does that mean!?”

To that, I reply,  “PFFT!” 

PFFT  interj — used to express a sudden ending

Most commonly, it is used to signal the end of a conversation, as I did with my response to the question.

This one is among just a handful of valid Scrabble words that don’t contain any vowels. It’s friends include PSST, MMM, HMM, BRR, SH, SHH, and SHHH. Now, the number of allowable aitches (good Scrabble word!) on SH seems kind of arbitrary, I know, but again, those are just the rules. However, if you were going to press the point, I would say that SH and SHHH differ in the degree of annoyance evoked by a noise, while “shhhh” (four aitches, not valid) would just create as much noise as it would intend to silence. Likewise, BRR is a sound uttered when cold, and BRRR (also acceptable) indicates being colder still, but “brrrr” (not valid) would create enough vibration in the utterer that it would be very unlikely they would still be cold at all.


You are thinking too much about this.

Now, take a moment to Paws N Reflect that good Scrabble words can be found in unexpected places: Hello, Kitty. It seems even cats know a good Scrabble word when they see it.

PFFT–12 points, face value


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