2nd Thursday [1]: Running the Bases


This is Punkin.

One of my fondest memories of Punkin is when she chased me around the bases on a school baseball field across the street from our last home. She loved to play with us there.

We have since moved to a new house, farther away but still within walking distance of those fields, and we took our current canine there on Saturday. Because I did not introduce her completely in my previous post, I will tell you her name now: Raisin.

We named her Raisin because A) It kept in the spirit 100_4048of the foody name of her sister, Punkin, and B) She had brown circles around her eyes as a puppy that looked to us a little bit like raisins. We quickly learned what a holy terror she was as a puppy (and let’s be honest, still is today as well), so we gave her a middle name: Hell. We call her by both names only with the utmost love and respect, of course. 😉

20150207_164952Raisin had an incident with a husky a few weeks back at the nearby dog park, so we are keeping her away from there for now. Instead we took her to the ball field, and she chased me from second base to third, bringing back to me a happiness I felt years ago.

Of course, there was plenty of ball chasing, too. Raisin is a true runner. She needs to be on a farm, where she can run long distances. Our tiny back yard and the chain in the front yard just aren’t enough for her fast feet. Here she is ready to retrieve a tennis ball:

In all fairness to Chuckit! (and to my wife), Raisin had already cracked the ball in half by chewing on it so much, and tennis balls don’t throw quite as well once they’re broken. That’s my story, anyway.

I love that the ball fields allow a large space for her to run free, and they are mostly contained by a fence to keep her from running away. But the truth is, neither Raisin nor Punkin would ever let us get out of their sight. Punkin was a “people” and felt more comfortable with us than with other dogs. Raisin, I think, just feels she owns us and doesn’t want us to run away.


The ground was a bit wet, having thawed out in a winter warm spell, which meant she alternately had under her feet wet grass, mud, and the new sensation of infield sand. She brought much of the latter two home with her, all over her body. What matters, though, is that she got some much needed exercise, and she had fun.


It was easy to feel Punkin’s presence there, too.

Chasing down balls or a Frisbee.

And running the bases.


6 thoughts on “2nd Thursday [1]: Running the Bases

  1. Awe. Dogs are the best, and Raisin sounds like she is a cute, hand-full, but in a good way! I am glad that she chases you like Punkin, who also looks like she was adorable, did because that means you know how to raise a good puppy!

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