Training Wheels

I just spent some quality time on my sidebar, tweaking the presentation of my blog’s new weekly schedule, and decided it would feel too strange not to write about it. This might give the appearance as though I am afraid to take the training wheels off the bike after having ridden it without fear for nearly a week. The truth is I am still playing with my new toy, and I am a perfectionist about certain things. Tweaking is what I do.

No, that’s twerking.

Tweak[3]: To make a minor adjustment to.

“tweaking.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 07 Feb. 2015. <>.

Writing is also what I do, so here we are.

One adjustment I made was to add a countdown box at the top of my sidebar, seen only if you are reading this from my home page. I also added the additional categories, “Dogs” and “Wild Card” to make all of my Thursday posts accessible by topic, reorganized the category list, and identified next to its name when each category can be expected to be updated.

I really ought to be reading some more right now, as I have put off my current book quite a bit while blogging class was going on. I could be exercising, too, as it looks like a beautiful day out and I have a wellness challenge to keep up with, and an eager dog to walk with a post about dogs due next week.

So, I think I am done twerking eh, tweaking for the day, and done writing.



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