Structure! Dependability! Meaning!

I am late with my last Blogging 101 assignment (sorry teach!), but had to put more thought into this one. It seems the class began with an examination of why I am writing a blog, and is ending with the same examination! What have I learned? Just what is my blog all about?

I examined my statistics, but didn’t really have to. I knew my top posts during the class were the one about Abe Lincoln’s grave and my walk with my dog, followed by my analysis of A Tale of Two Cities. How do I pick which one to make a featured post? The answer: I don’t! I’m going to feature all three, plus one or two. Are you ready? Here is how this is going to work: I will post every Thursday in one of my top four categories.

  • The first Thursday of each month will be about books. Maybe something I have read in the past, maybe something I want to read, maybe something I am currently reading. It may be a book I love, hate, or am indifferent towards.
  • The second Thursday of each month will be a post about the life of a dog. You may read about my current pup, the ones I had growing up, or the one we lost a few years ago.
  • The third Thursday will be about travel. Places I have been or want to go. I have only traveled the US, and even it very little, so again, I will pick one aspect of the trips I have taken, and revisit the same cities from time to time to talk about other places within them.
  • The fourth Thursday will be about Scrabble. That one is just for me and just for fun. Well, it is for other Scrabble fanatics, too.
  • If there is a fifth Thursday in a month, it will be a wild card–another entry in one of the four categories, or something else entirely. SURPRISE!

I am skipping my category “Journal,” which will just be my random thoughts, because I will be writing those when the mood strikes me. As for the four mentioned categories, writing for them will not be limited to the Thursdays listed. Other posts in any category may occur at any time. But if you are looking for something pet-related, you can count on that second Thursday! Huzzah!

This completes my last assignment for Blogging 101. I recommend it to anyone just starting or wanting to take their blog to the next level. Mine is staying at this level for now. I hope it is adequate enough for your reading pleasure. 🙂

HUZZAH–20 points, face value.


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