A Solemn Anniversary

I almost let this day slip by without a moment of remembrance–this 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp and the tenth International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

My trust in humanity shakes frequently lately. At no time more viciously than about ten days ago, when someone I have known for a long time suggested that all Muslims face the same annihilation that Jews were threatened with not so long ago. He did, days later, take a step back and apologize, but it was for being misunderstood. It was quite a revelation, though, to witness the hateful reactions of others to his original comment. Hateful in their agreement with that comment.

The Holocaust is a reminder to me of how easy it is to turn resentment into mass murder. I had to respond, and ardently, adamantly reject his suggestion, or be complicit in the growing hatred.

At the same time, my own fear simmers beneath the surface of those who corrupt Islam by killing innocent bystanders caught in their web of terror. They have no interest in peace or justice, only obedience.

The human race is two-faced, and from each side I have seen the worst. You cannot protect and preserve your own way of life by blindly slaughtering those who know a different existence, unless yours is the way of life of a cyclone.

I was going to share a couple of books I have read on the Holocaust, but I will leave those for another day. For now, I will only ask you for a moment of silence, for ALL innocent people killed because of irrational fears.

Be kind to each other. Respect each other. We deserve it. Despite my shaken trust, I still know that we do.


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