I Can’t Seem to Plug In

Monday’s assignment: Link (plug in) your blog to social media. While I have pages at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and am connected to Google+ and other social outlets, I am not quite ready to kick my anonymity to the curb. Although if someone really wanted to, I probably have shared enough information now for them to find my Facebook identity from here, or my blog from there. Ultimately, I don’t have anything to hide–let’s just say I’m being shy. I do that, sometimes.

Plugging in to Facebook would certainly gain me some more followers, my mother among them, but that’s not what this is all about for me. It’s not a popularity contest. (Is it?) It’s about me plugging into my own “hard drive” to become a better writer. At least for that, I know I have the right cord.

If I ever change my mind on connecting to Facebook, I’ll let you know. Unless you are not following me, then my identity will remain a mystery…

I could link my Goodreads logo graphic directly to my shelves there, since I’m not listing my books as they are on said shelves. That’s kind of social, right?


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