Re-Springing Another Six


The Great Rejuvenator, soon to be greening up the trees.

How do you milk a daily prompt for all it’s got? Refer to it three days in a row! Who doesn’t love a triliogy? I promise this is the last one (at least until Lucasfilm or Disney get a hold of it).

Today I am just sharing the six posts I read for today’s Blogging 101 assignment, for which I used Monday’s Daily Prompt to talk about walking, and taking my dog along with me. Pet lovers have generated the most active day yet for any of my posts, so I checked into the happenings of four other canine subjects:

Vanilla Bean and Hershey   •   Aero and Gideon

To be fair to all parties, I visited the chronicles of a feline, as well:

Tabby the cat

All of these animal-people found spring in their steps, too.

What kind of print reader would I be if I didn’t appreciate someone who found rejuvenation from a favorite book? myschiefmanager finds it with Anne Frank.

I returned to a blog I am following for an investigation into the origin of Monday’s prompt, Needle at Sea Bottom…

I left comments on most of these, as the assignment is all about comments, and added my last one with someone who was not feeling particularly refreshed at the time of her post, ladypwiggins.

It is nice to see the inspirations of others, and read random thoughts that are not my own. Seeing the world through the eyes of a dog, a cat, an optimist, a pessimist, or any other blogger makes my own world just a little easier to understand and appreciate. Keep on writing, guys!


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