Re-Springing 10,000 Steps

A day after I posted about a long walk with my doggie, the annual health challenge started where I work, encouraging associates to remain active during the cold, indoor season. It offers chances to win prizes by logging at least 10,000 “steps” each day during the contest. “Steps” in this case are just units of measurement assigned to various activities, including some of those normally performed in my workplace.They give us free step counters each year, but I don’t trust their accuracy, and they break quite easily. Sometimes they break and reset your daily steps to zero, and sometimes they break and give you 400 steps. They don’t keep you honest, either: During conference calls, a person could sit in their chair and just shake the thing until they have earned a few hundred steps. Or so I’ve heard. 🙂

There are step counter apps available for your smart phone or other devices–I have one myself–and now there are activity trackers you can buy and wear on your wrist. But the app I have makes me keep my phone on the whole time during a walk or other activity, and who wants to do that?

For me, this challenge means I need to keep this short and get busy doing something other than dusting a chair with my butt. I usually fulfill the 10,000 step requirement in a normal 9-hour shift at work, but I like to ignore that and push myself even more. The dog likes it, too, because that means more frequent and longer walks for her. The wife probably likes it, because I sometimes do more housecleaning than usual during the challenge. Finally, the lady who wants that parking spot that just opened up also likes it, because I make it a point to park further away from other places of business that I visit, because it means walking more, and sometimes pushing or carrying something for a greater distance. Now, if I could just stop buying sweets every time I go to the store, that would be another prize-worthy achievement!

Of course, by noon today there were already claims by other associates in the company of having completed as many as 75,000 steps, and on a good day I might approach 30,000 (and I’m making real efforts!). I don’t know how much I believe some of the claims, but I don’t really care–I am competing with no one but myself. I know there are people who get up and jog full-force first thing in the morning, or hit the gym, or prep five children for school, all of which take substantial more effort than my blog-check or Facebook viewing while eating two bowls of cereal. I also assume those lucky residents of Sunshine States would be much more motivated to get out and walk, jog, ride their bikes, or bounce on a pogo stick in the beautiful coastal weather of those places. I should get some kind of handicap for that, shouldn’t I?

Well, the time has come for me to get up and do something else, although I’m sure my typing and eye movements have earned at least 1 or 2 of my 10,000 steps today. Juuuuuust a few more to go…

Wasn’t I going to keep this short?

Brought to you in part by: Yesterday’s Daily Prompt


2 thoughts on “Re-Springing 10,000 Steps

  1. I like your interpretation of the prompt. I’m using a step counter to try and get healthier and lose weight this year, although not as part of a company programme. I like the challenge of pushing that counter higher each day, and I think your right that the personal competition is much more important than what anyone else around you might be doing. Or claiming to do.

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