Sprucing Up↑

Inspired by Needle at Sea Bottom today, I will write just a quick note about sprucing up my sidebar.

I, too, was pretty content with the condition of my sidebar, but tinkered a little more. I added one text widget and one image widget (at least I think they fit those descriptions).

The text widget was a list of my categories, so now I can finally start writing for the different reasons that I mentioned last week. To stick with the keystroke theme, I named it after functional keys, page up and page down. Just to be confusing, the link to my PAGES is called “More Keystrokes.” Maybe I have that backwards? I don’t intend to change it. [UPDATE: On January 20th I did switch the titles, so “Page Up Page Down” now links to my pages, and “Cntrl Alt” links to my categories (alternatives to the current page or category). “Esc” is how you would escape my blog altogether and visit someone else’s that I like. All titles maintain the keyboard theme.]

The image widget I added was Goodreads, visible only on select posts and pages. I love it, kind of, at least a little, but I will be playing around with it more this weekend to see what it’s all about. I am hoping it won’t list all 200 books I review if I chose to do that many–it would dwarf my blog in size and scope. [UPDATE: Its limit is five books, but it can only be the five you entered on their website most recently. To show a specific five (or more) of my own choice, I have since replaced the premade widget and created my own with an HTML text widget, which was not easy, but I like it better.]

Other than that, I’m not planning on changing many of the bells and whistles. I keep saying this blog will be about me writing, and too much on the side I’m afraid would be tacky.  Now here is a video for your enjoyment. It may show you an advertisement or two, but you could say that my inviting you to my post only to watch a commercial, is, well, appropriately tacky.


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