Getting Personal

Today’s assignment is all about personalizing the theme that I have chosen for my blog. I already had in place a header image, but had to put it in place again when I changed themes. For the time being I am giving the first impression that I am a keyboard and a happy raindrop. The keyboard doesn’t exactly define me, but hopefully it lends to a quick connection between my title and its origin. The raindrop drawing dates back to when my nickname was given to me years ago, and I still include it on my Christmas cards (when I write them) to the group of friends who knew me best as Rainman.

IMG_0008The calendar I left in place because it is pretty standard, and to remind myself how long it has been since I last wrote. Because one of my new year’s resolutions was to write every Thursday, the second “T” column on the calendar should have all the little numbers colorized for any given month. January 1st was an exception, because, well, that’s just not fair to have to start so quickly! I did write very soon after the 1st, a letter to a friend on Facebook. I considered a title for the calendar, but really, what else can you call a calendar that won’t just take up space in the sidebar?

Next, I placed a follow button, to make it all the more easier to follow my train of thought. You know what I’m saying? Understand? Ya catch my drift? No? Well you can still follow me. 🙂

A link to my other pages was included, and placed last, to kind of tie the whole sidebar story together, and give you someplace else fancy to which to exit, instead of just leaving my blog altogether. Right now I only have two pages, but that will change in time (hopefully not too much time).

I did upload a new header image for my page on books that I’m reading. Last night I did one, but it was a quick snapshot of the random books on the shelf nearest to me at the time, and many of those books were my wife’s, and not necessarily things that I had actually read. The new photo I uploaded today was strategically staged on a nicer shelf, and contains only titles that I have read, am currently reading, or plan to read.  Well, there are two exceptions, as they are not my style, but giving a nod to someone I know who wrote and published them. Maybe at some point I will read those, too.  There is also a book on the picture clearly labeled with a library sticker, because I want you to know I love my local library. You should love yours, too. That book is the one I was reading at the time of this writing.

That is it for my personalization for now. I want to keep this blog simple, and focused on writing, but I will try to include a picture more often, because it is so simple to include one!

Check back for more pages and more words from me.

Bye for now!


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