The Blog’s New Clothes

I spent parts of the weekend looking at all the themes available for my new blog. There are a lot, but somehow I narrowed it down to ten, then six, four, and finally one. As you may have guessed, it’s this one. It was Friday’s class assignment, and what a torture it was for me, Mr. Indecision.

I felt mine was far too bland as it was, and while the assignment did not require a change, it did inspire to make one. I like the look overall, though I’m not a huge fan of the sherbert-colored headlines. I didn’t want one that included “read more” links, unless there was a clickable snapshot of the first several lines of each post, which a few of my finalists had.

Pictures were prominent in many of them, but I do not claim to be a wizard with the camera, and I don’t want to be committed to take a photo any time I am posting something. This, for me, is about writing. The same goes for the complexity of the design. I wanted something simple. My words, hopefully will add the flavor. All of these choices and decisions to make, while in the end, the new clothes don’t conceal the nakedness of my thoughts and ideas out here in the public domain.

But I am prepared to put my words out there, and hopefully I have increased your browsing pleasure at least a little, having adopted a space a little warmer for you to settle into. However, if my words don’t captivate you right away (on thrilling subjects such as this!), then sit down and have some orange sherbert–my treat.


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