I Want to Read Everything Ever Written

So today’s, er, yesterday’s assignment was to follow five new topics and five new blogs, and I felt like I needed a few more days to pick them, but I finally just had to decide. I played with topics (tags) the day before, searching for fellow classmates with BLOGGING 101, and after my second new post, tried QWERTY and SCRABBLE. But I hadn’t looked very far into the results. I saw, though, that QWERTY yielded no results but my own post. No surprise there.

Today I abandoned QWERTY and chose five new ones:

  • Baseball
  • Biographies
  • Star Trek
  • Thankful
  • US History

If I haven’t mentioned it yet (I haven’t), I love baseball. Preferably professional American baseball, but I will accept all kinds. I was never good at playing it, myself, and only discovered my love for watching it in the late 1980s when my home team, the St. Louis Cardinals, was successful every other year.

Biographies and US history I have already indicated my interest in, but a tag of US PRESIDENTS did not yield any results (later, just PRESIDENTS did).

I have always been a Star Trek fan, and of course there are a lot of blogs on that topic, but I am just not enough of a “Trekker” to follow them (for now). I enjoy mostly the films, and the original TV cast, so I cannot answer any Trek question you might throw at me. I have, however, read several Star Trek books, but some of them are novelizations of the films or TV episodes.

The thankful topic I tried partly because my wife and I have been keeping a gratitude jar for a couple of years now, and it is fun to look inside it at year’s end to see what made us happy during the year. But I also tried it because I am trying to feel better in general in 2015, and any positivity will help. It is nice to see what others are thankful for, and to be inspired by it.

From my searches, I chose these blogs to follow:

Plus a wild card, suggested to me by my Reader:

Casey’s blog I found through the baseball tag, but hers is more about another interest of mine, travel. That the post found with the search was about Fenway Park was of no particular interest to me, as a Cardinals fan, but I explored further, and I’m glad I did.

Well that’s all for tonight. Today’s assignment I will tackle after some sleep…


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