QWERTY: The first six letters on the standard English keyboard, and a valid word in Scrabble, too.

I was thinking off and on all day about what title to give to my site, and first I had to determine what I would really like to do with it. My first inclinations were to write a public journal, much like the one I have kept for myself and select audiences in the past, save for a few too personal details. But I really don’t want my blog to be nothing more than elongated Facebook statuses.  Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of those. But what else?

I love reminiscing about the places I have traveled, mostly with my wife, and I will share some of those adventures here.

I have recently developed a love of reading books, and while I fear it will take away time from my writing, it will take away less of it if I write about what I am currently reading. So that will happen, too.

Finally, I love playing Scrabble. I love obscure words, even if they are not many points in the game, and I of course love high-scoring words, even if they are only a few letters long. From time to time I will share stories about words I’ve played in a game or have been played against me. I may have to look up the definitions first, as I rarely know them. But in Scrabble, you don’t need to know the meanings, only the words themselves.  Words are just rules of the game; Scrabble is a game with 100,000 rules.

What do all of these things have in common? QWERTY. The keyboard. Without it, they are not happening. I have, at times, written my journal by hand, but typing is so much faster, and cleaner. The keyboard may be the most important invention ever, for the advancement of communication.  Ink jar and feather pen have been replaced by tiny plastic squares in perfect rows. And for me, that is happiness. Make that, QWERTYness.


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